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Houston criminal defense attorney Jack B. Carroll has assisted thousands of Houstonians who have come into his office looking for professional legal counsel after being charged with a crime by the Houston Police Department or the Harris County Sheriff’s office. When a person is charged with a crime their whole life could flash before their eyes due to the fact that some criminal offenses can result in multi-decade-old is in censuses which will not only ruin the life of the accused but will also run the lives of their intermediate family members. This is especially true in cases where the breadwinner of the family somehow managed to get saddled with a serious felony charge like John driving, sexual assault, or worse, murder.

Regardless of the situation leading up to the event in which a person was arrested for a crime, it doesn’t mean that there are not viable options to aid them in their defense. For one, not everyone arrested of a criminal offense in Houston as guilty of the charge that they were accused of. First two, not everyone who is guilty of the crime they are charged with were charged fairly in accordance to the evidence, witness statements, and other facts of the case. Thirdly, even defendants were guilty of the charge that they were accused of deserve a right at a second chance in life. People make mistakes. Moreover, just because a person was arrested for a crime does not mean that they are the same person today that they were when arrested.

The process of being arrested is a terrifying one. We hear those extremely loud siren speakers and see those flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror, your terrified, and don’t know whether the police are coming after you are going for someone else that was speeding up ahead of you. But the moment they slow down behind you and become a static tail at this point you know you have a problem. Smart folks would immediately contact their lawyer, if they have one, and let the whole transaction with law enforcement officers be documented as a recording on your attorney’s voicemail system. By recording the transactional law enforcement officers, you’ll have a record that can be used in your defense which will be admissible in court and may even be the edge that your attorney needs to secure a case dismissal or a not guilty verdict at trial. If your criminal defense attorney can prove that your rights were violated during the time of the arrest, then it causes the whole case into question which usually leads to a case dismissal. If prosecutors are stupid enough to take the case to trial, and they know that defense has a secret weapon demonstrating the violation of the rights of the accused, then they will lose at trial, and the defendant will go home free with a not guilty verdict.


If you need to talk with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Houston about a felony or a misdemeanor case, contact Jack B Carroll & Associates at any time of the day or night by calling 713-228-4607. Houston criminal defense attorney Jack B. Carroll defends people accused of felonies, misdemeanors, felony offenses, all sex crimes, possession of controlled substance cases involving drugs, domestic violence, theft offenses, white-collar crimes, all violent offenses including family assault, child abuse, and murder. If you need experienced help fighting to remain free and to challenge the government’s allegations against you, be sure to contact attorney Jack B. Carroll or another equally qualified criminal defense lawyer in Houston as soon as possible. After all, your life may depend on it.


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